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What to Wear

So you've booked your family photo session and now you are wondering ‘what should we wear’? Choosing the right outfits to compliment your session is important.  
Here are a few guidelines to get you started on your picture perfect outfits.
Coordinating Outfits:  
  It is great to wear complimentary tones or shades of the same color family.  Choose the outfit for your boldest personality and then coordinate around that outfit.  It is usually best to have a maximum of one patterned/bold outfit per family. Of course you can make anything work if style is your thing.  If it isn’t, play it a little more conservatively and go with less daring ideas.
Family/Individual Outfits:  
  Try to think about what each outfit will look like not only photographed together but photographed in pairs or as an individual. For example, will the outfit still work if mom is photographed with her children or if just the children have their pictures taken. 
Fitted Clothing:  
  Be sure to have tops and pants that fit each of you well.
Seasonal Considerations
 Try to coordinate the overall look of your family members according to a specific season.
  For sure it is good to be comfortable in what you will wear, but dressy clothes make for great images.  If you are wearing those killer new heels, bring a pair of flip flops to do your walking in.
  It is hard to overemphasize how well those extra additions appear on camera.  From layering tops and jackets, to necklaces, hats and fashionable shoes, you will see great improvement in your outfits by spending a little time thinking about the extras.  That said, don’t overdo the accessories, the photos are about you, so just enough to accentuate the look.
Need a little inspiration to get you started on coordinating your outfits?  Check out a few ideas below. 

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  1. So glad to see another photographer steering clients away from being too "match-matchy." I made similar boards on my Pinterest page.