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I appreciate you taking the time to visit my page. Here you can stay up to date with whats going on with YDP, take a look at sneak peeks of my latest photo sessions and see a sampling of some of my other work. Feel free to look around, but make sure you stop by the "Gallery" section to see all the fun possibilities!

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What's In the Bag...

I'm a Nikon girl, so much that I have owned three Nikon camera's.  My first was a D60, then I upgraded to my D90.  I was in love with the D90, but wanted a more professional grade camera and that's when I chose my primary camera, the D700.  I really love the quality of the Nikon camera and especially love the wonderful images I get from each of my cameras.  

Lenses:  I have three lenses that I work with. My favorite is my 50mm, I love the flexibility it offers on my portrait photo's.  In addition to that I have a 18-75mm lens, that is a staple on my camera.  This lens offers such a huge range of photo options and I love is a Tamron.  Last is my 55-200mm lens, I use this primarily for when I need to get in close on a subject from a distance.  I don't use it a whole lot for my shoots, but more for my scenic photo's.   I enjoy having "options" and find uses for each one of my lenses and I look forward to seeing what goodies will be added to my bag in the future! 

Editing:  For all of my photo editing, I use a combination of Aperature 2 and Photoshop.