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Merry Christmas

I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone...already. As a kid it seemed like Christmas day would NEVER arrive, now as an adult it comes and goes so quickly. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time. Since I can't, I will capture every moment I can on film.
Here are a few snapshots of our Christmas...
Opening the "traditional" Christmas Eve gift...It was a new set of PJ's...

A few of the sights of Christmas...

Leaving Cookies and Milk for Santa...

One of her Christmas gifts was the Cake Bakery...this is my little Cake Boss!!

Merry Christmas...hope your's was as good as ours!!
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Hi-Tech Santa

This year, my Katy asked for a playhouse for Christmas...we searched ALL over for the perfect house. They really are hard to find this time of year and we really didn't know what we were going to do. Well, little did we know that the BIG guy, in the bright red suit, had other plans. Last week, Katy's cell phone rang and you will NEVER guess who it was...well I'll save you the guessing time and tell ya...SANTA!! {Santa is hi-tech now, you know!} He told Katy that all the supplies for her new playhouse are waiting at Home Depot. All she had to do was get her Daddy to go get them and put the house together! So, off to Home Depot they went!
Here is how the progression is going...

First Daddy got his Christmas present...a shiney new table saw.

The ground breaking...

More pix coming soon...
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Got Baby?

Here are just a few shots that I took of a childhood friend while she is pregnant with her last baby. This was my first maternity shoot and I love how the pictures turned out.

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